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Update on my recurrence or whatever it is.

Hi Everybody- I just wanted to post an update here. I do have ovarian cancer again but the doctors don't think it is recurrence. They think it is a new cancer event. It is a new cell type. The good news is that it did not spread to my lymph nodes or any other areas outside of the tumor on my right ovary. I had a full hysterectomy and they feel as though this new cancer is stage 1a... very very good news. That said, the truth is that they don't know for sure. It is extremely rare to have two separate events of ovarian cancer, esp. at my age. Since they aren't 100% sure, I still have to go through six rounds of chemo. Avastin, Carbo platinum and taxol. I've had one round so far. The first week was rough but I just took compazine and slept (was it a coma?). I've felt pretty good since. I will go for more every three weeks. My next scheduled chemo is Tuesday, 11/4. I'm hoping to get a note from the doctors so I can hopefully cut in line at the polls. My infusion takes all day so I need to be there by 8am. If there is a long line at the polls, I could be late for chemo. There is no way I'm not voting... I'm not sure it is appropriate for me to get into here, but one of the candidates seems to really understand the issues with health insurance and while the other one seems to not have a clue about how difficult it can be for folks who aren't crazy rich. Besides, voting is a privilege that a few strong and brave women fought with all their might to secure. It was only 88 years ago. I'm not giving that up. I see a genetic counselor in two weeks. I really hope she can provide answers as to why I keep getting cancer. I'm confident my body will beat this bout, but I'm not so confident my head will ever get over it. I'm going to be even more of a paranoid mess than I was after the first bout. Scientific answers to the question "why?" will help me... though I doubt those answers will ever come. I can't let myself get down though, at least it appears I'll get the opportunity to live. I vow to do everything I can to raise more money and more awareness for ovarian cancer. I don't want to see any more of us die. My heart aches for Gemma and her family. The world lost a beautiful soul this week.
Cindy threw a punch at your cancer.
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Sam - It is so great to hear from you. That is shocking that you have two different types of ovarian cancer. I have never heard of that. And just now reading your post realized you can't vote early there. Must make for a crazy day at the polls. I sure hope you can cut the line. I am curious to hear what you genetic counselor has to say. Let us know.
Two different types must be a difficult concept to grasp. As far as recurrences, you shouldn't worry much. I just turned 24 a few weeks ago and I'm on my third recurrence. Joy. And oddly enough I'm also scheduled to go back in for more chemo on the 4th though I might just have enough time to stop at the polls on the way to the infusion. "Genetic Counselor" is a title I've never even heard of? B
The genetic counselor is going to see if I've got the BRCA gene (related to breast and ovarian cancers). It is a familial gene, but I've got no family history. Since this is the second new cancer event in 4 years some seem to think I may have a non-familial gene or I may be the first one in the family carrying the BRCA gene.
Hey Just checkin in. How are you? Please send us a post if you have the time. I just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of ya and am sending you love vibrations!
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The mass has grown on my right ovary. It looks like endometriosis, but with my history there is a 50% chance it is cancer. They *think* it is contained. But they won't know for sure until they go in. I'm scheduled to get a full hysterectomy on 9/24. This is sad. I am only 34. But we'll be ok. I just want what ever it is out of me. The symptoms are terrible. I have a livejournal account that I update more regularly. The address is in case you want to know what I'm up to.
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Hey's an understatement - what a pisser! Just want to scream my friggin' head off. Uggh. I'll check out your other blog to follow know where I am. When you're ready, I'm here for everything you need to know about hysterectomies for 30-somethings. xo Tanya
I just want to say Love Ya! Sherri
Hey Sam, I am also Stage 2-C with a secondary in Uterine Cancer. Hang in there, I got a full hysterectomy and was newly diagnosed at age 34yrs. Its an aweful thing to go through but all in all I would rather have it them a chance I might lose my life from this. They say 2-C is not advanced, which is in our favor. Its suppose to mean we may be fighting this the rest of our lifes but, we have a greater chance of living our full life expectency. Yahoo right...If only awareness was pushed harder; alot of the younger survivors may have been caught early enough to stop it in its tracks.
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